Can I convert my Mobile Home plumbing to standard?

Question by Eric S: Can I convert my Mobile Home plumbing to standard?
I’m installing sinks in my bathroom and kitchen in my single wide mobile home. All of the plumbing is fixed, it has copper running straight to the faucets, no stops or threaded fittings. Can I just cut in the fittings and solder them in and attach normal coupling hoses etc to my new sinks?
It looks like standard size copper pipe coming up from the floor but then it is stepped down to thin copper tubing which then goes straight to the faucet handles.

Best answer:

Answer by Don
In an ideal world you could, and you can if they used a standard size copper line. If they used some oddball size (not unheard of in mobile homes, unfortunately), this isn’t going to be easy.

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3 Responses to Can I convert my Mobile Home plumbing to standard?

  1. Fordguy87 says:

    If you know how to do all of that, then I wouldn’t see any reason why you couldn’t.

  2. Honsell T says:

    Like the first guy said, I would be weary that they used standard size, for example: 1/2″ copper pipe is actually 5/8″ O.D. (outside diameter), mobile homes use oddball stuff.
    good luck

  3. weatherization guy says:

    You’re likely to find some odd-ball stuff once you start this project, but it’ll be well worth the effort. Once you have everything switched out to the more common sizes, working on plumbing problems will be much easier in the future.

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